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loaded by

 money transfer companies like PayPal, Moneybookers, Western Union 

normal wire transfers or by Bitcoin exchanges.



Anonymity. Podex Card is completely anonymous. No personal verification is required. The prepaid card has its own IBAN bank account so you can simply load it by PayPal or money bank transfer.

Wide use. You can use it for Internet transactions, payments in real shops or withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide. Just like any other VISA credit or debit card.

Second Life, online games and casinos. It is possible to connect Podex Visa Card Gold to your account in Second Life, other online games or casinos and make all payments. You can also exchange Second Life linden dollars to USD on LindeX and than transfer the funds to your PayPal to load your card.

Bitcoin. Exchanging bitcoins to your national currency and withdrawing it anonymously from ATM  will be easy with Podex Visa Card Gold. Our manual will explaing it in details. 

Easy access. You can check your card account balance and history online, by SMS or calling  telephone Helpline.

No fees for currency exchange. Podex card is in your local currency (EURO, USD, GBP) so you are not charged for currency exchange.

Perfect gift. The Podex card is no-name and transferable. You can give it to someone and the person becomes next legal owner of Podex Card.

Free shipping. The Podex prepaid card is delivered directly to your door or postbox for free by registered mail. If you want Podex to send you card by courier like UPS, DHL, TNT etc contact us and we will estimate the cost of shipping.

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